Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dah Brush Dah Brush

 Yes I am back to my Picasso day's. I have reunited with my Peep's at the Senior Center. Yes a few are gone. You know what that means. NO they have not passed , they have passed on to a new class. Something exciting like Wood Carving or Shuffle Board. Now I know why my Mama said to Shuffle off to Buffalo.

I have taken a hostage this semester yes my Good Pal Linda.

Do you notice that she is at my home and she is doing her homework?

But look at how fricken bored she looks. Like La La La what else. 

 Our teacher Linda is really good and has the nack of teaching us tricks to make the job of painting easier.

 This is a Father daughter team. They are good let me tell ya. It makes my heart warm with da love when I see them. What a good daughter and what a good daddy.

And Linda (My friend) say's and I quote "Funny we are such good friend's, "yet" we have nothing in common" I  did stare at her and with that comment making no sense. I will make sure she never forgets NEVER! Well little Ms. Nothing in common is sitting next to me in Water Color Class.


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