Monday, June 9, 2014

How Do You Know When to Redo the Bathroom

When the curtains have decayed. About 7 years ago I made these curtains. I know I refused to take them down until the new bathroom was started. The little bit of sunshine that crept through was quite tranquil at times.

When you clean a wall and you finger pokes through.

The floor shows signs of wear and tear. With this picture I am telling everyone get at least three quotes on any home improvement job. One quote told me the shower floor was just fine. Hummm 

And more than 3 men say you should!

Well I will be posting the progress of West Oaks Builder's.

We have saved for 10 year's to do this and I am extremely happy to start. A side from the dust shit everywhere and my truck driving mouth it seems to be going really good!

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