Monday, June 2, 2014

Bad, Bad Girl

Ok so I do not post like I use to but there is a reason. I get to busy. I do a zillion things and accomplish nothing. So there. Here is what I have been not doing. Let's do it in pictures . 

Getting ready for Fair!

Making Lot's of Jam's.

Creating a centerpiece and gift's for the Annual Church Tea.

This turned out better than I expected. It is a flower Teapot pouring flowers into the cup. Brilliant

Trying to get Thinny with this new fangled "Way of eating" No it's not a diet.

Taking a watercolor class with my pal Linda !

Practicing my Ukulele. I even joined the TO Little Ukulele Group! 

And of course gardening.
That is it for this past week. More when I finally take the time to do this blogging like I use to.

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