Monday, April 28, 2014

April Showers?

Well that is a stupid title but I had to get my fingers walking I need to get back to my blogging. I have 11 fricken blogs I just keep naming them more and more. I need serious help! Well since we last posted we have done so much stuff. Had a great gathering at my mother-in-Loves home with the Markese Gang. It is always fun when family gets together and when they are the Italian side it is even more exciting. Here is a link to the You Tuby slide show.

My creative genius came through when I went on my YouTuby thing and made a show on how to make my crystal pitcher. It is lovely except I spell things wrong. Small thing to me big thing to Speller's, Gosh it is good to drive people a bit nutty!

Now that it is nearly May I have started yet another Blog. I know I know Shut Up !

Blend me Thinny gosh I am funny ! It will be a daily here we go again loose weight thing. I swear if I had even one penny for every diet and loose weight stuff I have done I would have probably only 4 dollars. Pennies ya know.

Can you believe that half the year has wizzed by. I went to Oakland last week and spent time with Ms. independence and her new hubby.

He is a wonder why he made a fence out of pallets. Amazing feat !

 Ok bye bye

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