Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let us catch up once again

Hansen Ag Center my Thursday hang out Volunteering
Well I have been a busy little bee.

I have been gardening as a volunteer at the Hansen Center.

Oh and started a movie group on Friday's. Here is the link Friday Girls Film Group I guess you could say "I'm Baaacckkk!'

Today I am going to just try and focus on getting all this blog stuff caught up and jump in the shower.

I have made some great super duper Lemon Marmalade. From Mama's lemon tree. Wish that God Damn house would sell or I will have to charge 127.50 per jar to pay the rent on that piece of la la la la . Draggingg my brother down  there tomorrow to spray weed killer. Really?

 Canning Class with the youngin's. Nice group of church girls. The minute they walked in the door I said It was God damn good to see them. Darn shut my truck driving mouth.

Started a new cooking sight because I need more blog's. I need to go to blogging anonymous. Heavy Metal Spatula

 Finally took a field trip to the Native Nursery.

My home on Thursday's

Leighton is still keeping me company on Tuesday's. This is him helping me operate on the operation game. Actually we are replacing a battery and as you know everything is so important at the age of 3 ! 

Took my Motorcycle safety class that Vespa is looking closer and closer. Oh no I did not pass I could not make a circle 8 as samll as they wanted. Mine took most of the parking lot. I am currently practicing in the neighborhood.

 Removing was from Fabric Wa La 
 another thing I needed to learn. Grandma would be proud. But I would think that Grandma Lois, Mama and  aseuy are up above shaking there heads' Then saying "poor little thing"

More will be revealed. xoxo

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