Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pa's Birthday at the Beer and Sausage Palace

This is the Birthday Surprise night. I took my Pa to the Brat Brother's in Newbury Park. Hank and his Wife (love saying that) met us there. Also Bob the light man and Linda to.

The Newly Wedder'z

Bob the light man his girlfriend Linda and lil Lani

This place is so great and the decor
It is called Brat Brother's in Newbury Park

This is the group I love to spend time with and we partied down with the Greman-ish band thing.

This is the men's toilet. How fun is that a beer keg thing

Band socks

He enjoyed his sausage so much. He does like sausage even thought I do not eat the little fiber fat filled delights.

This is some of Lynsey's Pork dish with dumplings that were a meal within them,selves. The little pastry thing was a veggie-cheese puffy delight.

THe band was so entertaining they gathered the troops to join in and everyone was clapping and singing and dancing.


Then up onto the table went the singer in the band. He went into a song of Happy Birthday to you to Pa.

Ahh with that he got a strudel with homemade cream.

All in all it was so much fun and I think I killed about 300 calories clapping and tapping my foot.

Brat Brother's
2160 Newbury Road
Newbury Park, CA. 91320
Tel: (805) 716-3242

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