Monday, January 6, 2014

Thank you Monday

Good Lord I am so happy to have a beginning of a week. This whole Holiday time has been exhausting. I have thought it was Monday or Sunday or some other day of the week. Shit the last three weeks. It only happens when these Holiday's land mid week and we have a day off here and there. Then there is the getting all the Holiday decoration's put away.

I always have some thing-Z that I have forgotten to pack. Holiday sock's, some bell's on a door and this year when I thought I had just done it. A towel , some socks, and a lamp shade. The lamp shade really set me over the edge. How did that little lamp get packed with out it's shade?

 Finally all the stuff is away. Then I saw them while relaxing on the couch watching the premier of Downton Abbey. All cuddled the hubby all tucked away in the bedroom. Ahhh this is nice, a nice New Year evening. Me my tea and Lady Mary! I make my tea in my new Downtown Abbey cup that I got from my good friend Linda. Thank you Baby Jesus!  Why I even got Downton Abbey Tea. HALLA Then I look over just a touch and there they were. The Balls'.  The stupid red and white hanging just high enough to not be noticed. The Balls no movement just the sight of them to say "Enjoy your show asshole because tomorrow you will forget us again, and Tuesday again. Until you rip us down damage the light and need a meeting before you drink your self into a oblivion.  And who hung those little devil's. ME!


Ok moving on the play offs are upon us. Football my friend Football. Now I am the last person to like this sport but a girl can change. This is a sport where big burly men knock the crap out of one another while opposing team member's can be seen gentle helping each other up off the grass. Where one small team member spends the whole game kicking a ball on the side lines waiting to have the chance to make that last field goal and clinch the game. Ahhhh Football. The sport of champion's and one a woman whole be smart to get to know as she can actually sit on the couch jump up in a frieze and Yell fiercely "Run you Bastard Run" . Ladies who cares what team it is. The mere fact that we can yell obscenities and have no regrets no guilt, no I am so sorry I said that. The wonderful feeling why I now live for it.

I am back on schedule with all my little hobbies. No New Year resolution's they are for people who think they make a difference in their own lives. Just stop the crap and do it!  Really think of it this way if you stop doing something say -  stop eating sugar, stop smoking, stop yelling then here is the thing. Just stop telling everyone. Do not tell anyone this way if you start doing it again you are none the worse. But if you succeed people do notice and you have success. Easy!

Oh Oh we went to Mr. and Mrs. Jassem's house yesterday with Uncle Pace for Football. How they make such a small space so comfortable and fun is beyond me. It must be the love.

And my second grandchild Olive had fun to. I wish I could take a paper bag and play with it for hour's at a time.

Then hit the shelf for a nap.

 At half time Mrs. Jassem and I took a walk along her water way.

We had a good little walk. Ducks, and little waterfall's.

 Then came the COFFEE this is not your ordinary coffee. It is Armenian it is fully brewed grounds that are fine like power. It is heated up to a precise temperature until the secret foam form's Then it's poured into a cup and

                    BLAST OFF
I was up till 1 AM

Well Happy New Year and have a good start. Let's stay in touch. I am back. xoxo

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