Wednesday, September 4, 2013

18 days and DIY Vases go Figure

 So after many of my brilliant idea's. One which was so far fetched yet I thought rather creative well. We needed tall vases for the tables centerpieces. These begin very expensive the cost for the cheapest which looked like shit was 20 dollars +. So with this great mind I thought please keep the laughter down. Get thick PVD pipe cut it mount it onto wood platter things hot glue to stick and spray paint. Clever yes? Well without mentioning names you know who you are I got to many doggies tipped head looks and what ifs.

So somehow the vases that Mommy of the bride got for the Wedding Shower Linsey said would be perfect , cheap and easily spray painted. Yup 2.99 at the Party City. We could only find Disco Green but once they are painted walla black shiny beauties.

Alrighty let us get started. The things you will need is a place to spray paint, some plastic or paper to protect the area. Please note I am protecting my dirty ugly trash cans. It is more to protect the project you get it. Next is the vase and some Glossy black spray paint. I took the vases and turned them upside down because it seems that the bottom is always the hardest to get to.

I did them one at a time. Duhh! Do this during the day and out in the sun. Why you ask because this way the sunshine let's you see if they are to thin a coating . I recommend two coats. But do one coat let it dry and the following day do a second coat.

This is how I let them dry. I put them on to wine bottles. It was really the greatest idea. Hang on I have to pat myself on the back. Plus I was able to spray the bottom side.

I do have to say this world we live in is amazing. That we can take $30.00 worth of Neon green vases a $3.00 can of glossy black spray paint and POOF we turned them into vases for a wedding. I have pinned so many great DIY ideas on the Pintrest boards. Do your self a favor and look outside the box.

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