Saturday, August 31, 2013

25 days and 1 with Bob the light man

I have so many pictures of this special day I do not know if there is room to write. Ok so I bought some light for the wedding with the intention of having them for all my gathering's I throw use to have through out the year. 

The brides Daddy helping separate the lights.

Linsey with her Mommy doing more light action. It took a while to get the lights in and then come to find out we only got just the right amount of light. I would think you would get a few extra. Must call the company Monday . Oh goodie one more thing to do!

Let the games begin. First we need to map out the design.
Pa got on the ladder to hang my first hook . I went on U tube to get a instruction on how to string these. It came from Mike the DJ site. But it all went to a company project when Bob the Light man arrived. It was a funny and interesting experience to say the least. Thank God for neighbor's. Linda and Bob the light man had had this experience in their own backyard a few year's back. I think their favorite story for me is how the guest did a Champagne rocket pop contest into the neighbors yard across the street a kind of what we say "Contest'

Please take note Bob the light man and his assistant Linda the "Gopher" because she was going to get something at every turn.

I could hear his brain ticking from across the yard. He was thinking pretty hard!

Look how excited he was! Seriously there just light's Bob the light man!

Oh Goody a project!

Ok to the next tree. Yes that is me in my Garden Hat my baby girl brought back from one of her International Travels. Thank you Baby Jesus !

Pa and Bob the light man made changes to my master plan !
This would be the time my husband said go ahead do it all. Little did we know he was the smart one!  WAIT no he is going to get the sledge hammer while Linda held the string knowing her next project was not going to be easy!

Now the Poles. Poor Cindy was watching from the patio and said all of a sudden she started to hear the song chain gang because of the hammering of the sledge. Linda and Pa pounded the crap out for the ends to make them able to go in the ground easier. Nice Ass's

Are we done yet??????

This is Cindy and I helping.

I can hear Lind "When the F&@^%&@ is this going to end. Have they never heard of Eloping?

Ok now string the wire.

Oh well shit howdy look who decided to show up. The Groom !

DO not say a word Henry Allan 

This is Mike and Carolyn's little baby. Who by the way has more hair then all the adults combined. Took the baby to Grama for a little senior moment.

Where did all these younger people come from did they smell the food or something?

And Now the Big Reveal! Will they work ?


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