Friday, August 23, 2013

28 Day and Los Angeles Shop time

 Oh she may be happy now but let get to the Barderrrrrrrrr. It was a nice drive we stopped to pick up Chrystal "Maid of Honor" and she decided not to go. Her brother just got back into town so there ya have it!

Ok we have are directions and we have our cash and we are on our way. Downtown Los Angeles. Two Anglo Sackson Girl's ready to Jew it down ! I can say that because I raised Jews! Hey this is a good trade being able to get things cheaper.
A lost art! 

I have not been to LA for years!

But do I remember the Pantry and the delicious food they have there. You should go is you ever get a chance to be in Los Angeles  

Ok we parked and I had to go pee pee and the only bathroom is in the basement of the city. Get this it cost's .50 cents to get in to the bathroom. I took a picture of the woman in the chair the "Bathroom Guard" but she was a bitch and ran from the camera. 

First stop Black material for the side of the house. Linsey had this idea ? to drape the whole side of the garage. I explained in a kind yet firmish way. We are getting married not exterminating the house. Drapes work in the right area's. She is easy to agree. She is that way. Sweet but I do not want to get on her icky side. 

This one kept telling me to go ask the big boss.  The Big Boss was a man who had to be going on 102 who just nodded and said Ok or No-K. English is not a even second language here. But we got 60 yards (do not ask) of the black for a great cost. I was laughing later because the bolt weighed more than the two of us and I think we really do have enough to do the whole neighborhood. I do not know math and Linsey was a close second when it came to dividing and subdividing and than multiplying the walls by the floor by the on and on.

Poor Little Ms. Mead she could not take any more and they just did not have what she wanted. ! 

This is when I grabbed her and we ran to the next block 

So On ward and upward to the next block. We shuffled through those stores like real pro's. Then into a drapery store Hell yes the material is as long as it is wide. I hear the angels singing Halleluiah

And here I am carrying the bolt's of stuff for the inside of the house. Yes she is having a very draped fancy house wedding in the yard.

This is my dream to have one of my babies get married in our yard. Finally ! 

Last stop LA dog a hot dog wrapped in bacon with mustard and jalapenos. Shit I am drooling right now while I am typing. 

 Left over bun

 Here is a view from the parking lot where we schlepped the stuff each purchase up then down then up then down.

 Ok just a few pictures of the drive home and we are done for now.

Look how tall Lordy 

Ahhh 405 North Home James !

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