Thursday, August 22, 2013

29 day and One Bridal Shower

The scene is set. The door has it's sign and we are off. Well I am late Mama decided 5 seconds before the shower she was not able to go to Rickety. Thank you Linda for waiting for me nothing worse then the Mother of the Groom a half hour late. Ok moving on the sign was set and I enter to a lovely day.

The table everyone of them was done so nice. We need to say a BIG Thank you to Cindy the brides Mommy and her friend Fran and the brides maid Chelsea. Good Job Ladies!

Ok so Enter the front door and to the left are "My" little Jam's so darn cute.

Keeping the Black & White theme

And the tables you sat at had silver and black sixlette's only my favorite candy. Grab a zip lock!

SO gab gab and this is what I love love love about my friends they can go anywhere and fit in like gloves.
Linsey with her Aunt Karen

My pal's Linda, Lulu and Shelly they did do a lot of giggling and I can be pretty sure it was stupid Lani stories. After all it is all about "the Bride"

The Bridal Party

Aunt Jeanine and her two beautiful girls.

Look how cute the back wall looks. Oh forget the Bride bit she does have some great hair.

The wall was lined with pictures of Hank and Linsey and the tables had little picture's of when they where babies.

The Host Cindy with my Mother in Love

The cupcake tree had little bride and grooms with engagement rings. I have to say I did ask one of the girls to marry me!
Linda I am still waiting for an answer ?

Gift Gathering

Oh yes and this is the best part she got so many nightie naughty nasty things ! And some pit's and pans. So many drinking accessories and naughty night stuff they are going to be drunk and having alotttt of sex.

Admiring the fact that the Bride still looks fabulous and sexy. She has a Beyonce Buttie

Really cute decorations at the shower and I will need to pin them all

The Jassem Gang with the bride.

Grooms Grama Idell and Aunt Susie with the Bride Linsey

Mommy Cindy of the Bride Linsey, Aunt Karen to the Bride Linsey and sister to the Bride Mommy Cindy and Katie the sister of the Bride Linsey and daughter of the Mommy Cindy of the bride Linsey  and Niece to Aunt Karen. Got it! 

Me the Mama to the Groom and the Bride Linsey with her Mommy Cindy gee she got in a lot of pictures yes? And she says she does not like her picture taken oh Please!

Linsey her Mommy and Fran the Priest. She is performing the ceremony is it really a performance?  I am looking forward to the ceremony.

Ok it is enough you can guess this one see how well you remember the names and play Name the Family member you will win a mug and a jar of my jam !!!

Parting gift a jar of my jam. Here is the link to do it yourself. A great gift for any party.

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