Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Wedding Shower - What happened to Sex?

Thank you Baby Jesus that I am not doing "The Wedding Shower"

But Chrystal "Maid of Honor" made the Invites and they are adorable.

How cute are the little cards with a figure and a heart!

Ok personally does anyone besides me remember when a Woman's Wedding Shower meant you bought a sexy super sexy something for the Bride To Be ?

The last shower I went to the Bride got more pot's and pan's etc that I wondered does any one think SEX anymore?

Do you not think that she will get enough shit at the Wedding. The Shower is all about the Little Bride right? Ok I am going to stop my rant and get my day going. I am getting her the Sexiest , Littlest,  Laciest,  silkiest, Dirty little thing to wear. You wait I will Post it! Truly !

Ok I have to go paint vases!

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