Wednesday, August 7, 2013

47 days and counting

Ok so I soebt more time when we were doing the jar's trying yes once again to figure oyt the God Damn Remote for the camera.

Poor little Ms. Bride she just wanted to glitter something But NO I had to figure it out. And do you think I did. Nope. And look I have more Chin's than the Chinese directory. 

Smile hurry and this whole ti9me I thought it was not working. Quiet little thing.

Oh yippee look who is here Apron Strings. IO hate when he comes over after work because he will not sit down . Dog Hair. Really? So he goes out on the patio. Now will someone make sense of that. There is dog hair and so many other dusty things out there?

Holy Shit it worked. Once!
I spent so much time doing the timer I never got a jar done so next time we will explore the whole Mason Jar candle stick glitter adhesive spray craft thing! xoxo

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