Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fair 2013 with Mama - Fried Food you say!

 Alright after looking for my Ribbon wins Mama requested Fries. So a bucket of fries with Chili on the side was the second stop. We sat a a table with a really sweet family and two older peeps.

Take note the Chili Fries are right in front of her. The look;s I got when I took a few were deadly! 
Mama's first ride..LOL ...Kidding

 Ok next stop Livestock. They built a beautiful steel shelter thing and it was all in the shade. Lovely. The pig's were cute and quite the draw. Seem's everyone loved them. I do like the comments from people when they say "I do not know if I like them all caged up"  as she took a bite of her chocolate covered deep fried bacon.
 The cow looked stoned except the cone Mam insisted on petting. Really Ms. Farm Girl!

 Next the little lamb-ezz that had Diva outfit's. Why did I not think of that idea!
 Lamb rocks the color's !

I no sooner got out of the livestock and Mama says I think I smell Deep Fried Twinkies!

She seriously vacuumed it down.

 I look one way then the other and it was GONE!

Well one final picture with her new cowboy friends and I took her over to the beach., What a wonderful day we had. And I got o take Mama to the Fair to see my preserves with ribbons, eating fried food, laughing, and the final beach stop.

Ok Lani I'm fricken freezing take me home.  Ok one more photo just one more!

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