Friday, August 2, 2013

54 Day's and Counting

The Area
Well here goes the "Wedding" count down. First it is "The Boy" not the girl getting married. Apron Strings is finally cutting the knot on my apron and tying the knot with this cutie!. What the hell am I going to call him when he gets married. Apron String's worked so well ! I have been doing my best to help with the Wedding and it all started with a small area in the yard.

The Hoodie Bride

Worker's the Mom and the Groom

Where is she? The Bride?

Alrighty than we start with the small area on the back part of the lawn. I cut the bush's from 1802 down. I went to trim them one day and when I got half way done I realized that they were dead with a few leaves on the outer rim. So Gone.

Ahhh there is the photographer - taking pictures of herself and having fun like a 5 year old.

Her excitement was overwhelming. Well Garden-zilla there are only 52 day's till the I Do day so let us keep track of the Bride emotion's. Hee Hee it has just begun!!!!!

Seriously ! Look at the girl!

And again with the excited face. Please note I am busy working!

I need to check her breath I think she has been drinking wine with Grama !

Ok I think she is High

Well the point was to lay some black cloth and put bark down . I think it ended up looking really nice. It is funny how just the smallest thing in the yard makes the most difference.

The Happy couple

Ending results with my old bench from Linda and Bobby!

Plus I planted two Hibiscus bushes they should grow in beautifully .

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