Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Hood , horses and butterflies

 This is why I love my neighborhood. The other day a gang of horse peeps' rode by the house. We live in an area that is equestrian and it seems that people in this areas are kinder. No offense to you all in the depth of the Valley but this is the best place to live in our area.

During the Holiday we have a parade and people decorate everything from there horses to their boats with holiday cheers and ride up and down our streets singing and making merry! 

We also just had a couple of Butterfly weekend's. One was at our main arena and the other and our butterfly Queen's home.

 It is so nice to see people here and across the country trying to save our Eco-system.  I learned a lot. I bought some flowers for the butterflies. If I could get the night Bunnies to stop eating my flowers. Oh so yummy. Ass-hopper. Seriously they come out a night and eat the flowers because I have the vegetables netted.

I do love when people get hobbies and want to save thing's but there is a fine line between hobby and obsession. 

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