Monday, December 19, 2011

The parade in the hood!

 I live in the coolest neighborhood..Horses-goat-Cow Farmers on a small scale....First the people are all great and I would like to know anyone who lives and gets along with their neighbor's....Hey even if they do not get along with me I force myself on them.....I love people ......I love hearing what they are up to and what is new it noisy I call it taking an  interest in your neighbors...Hey back in the day if you did not know what was up in the neighborhood you were either stupid or agoraphobic...what ever!
 So tonight wasthe Annual Bridle Path Parade and it is when all who want decorate their truck, car horse etc. for Christmas and go up and down the streets...It is so much fun...this year Apron Strings girlfriend saw it fore the first time..Where was she the last 4 years??? Anywho she said that the parade would keep her happy for a month! Love it! It is so good to be home and to be among my peeps.....
 This truck is full of kids...HAPPY HOLIDAYS..they yelled
 OMG Santa....How sweet he took the time to come see me!
 Sports cars included with plastic Santa...HoHoHo

 Hey ......Could you be having so much fun these kids were laughing so hard and yelling "You have a cute doggy"....Our Aussie was sitting on the porch watching every car..... funny.....

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