Thursday, December 15, 2011

I want those ash's Damit!

Ok so we are trying to wrap up this whole 4 months of heartache and they do not have Casey's ash's ...for gosh sakes are you kidding me.....It has been two weeks and I want to sprinkle her already my garden is begging for them...Casey told me to sprinkle her in my garden so I can finally grown something ...She had a green oh so green thumb she look at a plant it grew...I think they were frightened if they did not she may put a spell on them...She had the gift...I have her mobile home all cleaned out a really nice lady that owns a estate sale warehouse swept the place...You know there were so many nice things but they meant something to her and for me well lets be honest she had so much stuff it took three days to clear it out...Mama is feeling better and her hair is starting to grow back she has a little mullet in the back I will try to get  a picture of it is really is funny.....Today we are going on a Target outing....grab some last minute stuff before I head home...Speaking of home I wonder if Pa remembers he is married...I have been out here since August going home only on weekends when I knew it was safe.....I would leave my home on Sunday and say it was time to go home wait a minute ????? The time I have been able to spend here has been a blessing for me...I am truly blessed to have had the time to help Casey through her illness and get mama past her brain cancer ....We have the last appointment at the Oncologist today so she will get the map of the future how blessed she is...I can not imagine what my mama is going through having had the cancer and loose her oldest baby in such a short time....But it is all in Gods time and I believe Casey's work was done and Mama still has more work to do.....Life what an adventure and but for the grace of God my adventure still continues.....I could not figure out why I was spared in my care accident last June but after going through the last 6 months I do know why.....God Bless..xoxo

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Rhonda said...

What a touching post Lani. I hope you know that I'm always thinking of you and sending warm thoughts your way.


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