Monday, May 6, 2013

May the Force be with you Pass the tea

I tell you I can not believe that I do not post more often. Perhaps it is because I post to the other blogs with information. I use to be so out there. I realize something when I was driving to the Church Tea yesterday I do not take pictures like I use to.

I realize that the last ones I took for personal reasons was at the hospital when Casey was sick. Two weeks later I lost her. Well the whole family lost her.

I have gone to many an event. had many an opportunity to snap pictures but it just has not grabbed me. I wish I knew what my block was?

I have gotten back into doing stuff. I am doing limited gardening, preserving and general thing's. Mama lives here as you know that is a pain in the ass. BUT in the end I will be happy to have had the time with her.  I notice she is sick a lot lately. Her hearing is shot with the head cold she has. My being sick did not help much either.

I suppose that I should not complain but , but , but. I am was the forever optimist yup WAS I use to never let things get me down. Always a smile and positive attitude why people use to compliment me on it!  But in the last year 2 years I have thrown the positive out the window. Now the challenge is to find it and get it back. I have a big yard so it could have fallen anywhere.

You can read all the self help books in the world. Saturday I went to a church tea. The woman who was talking was a Happiness guru. Her name was Darlene Mininni by the way she has not updated her blog in a year. Hum that does not make me happy!

So I was thinking after attending the Happy Tea. I do all the thing;'s this "Dr" was talking about thus shy buy the book. But the women who did buy it made me happy. It also made me take  a long look at who I use to be!

I do the following thing's daily:

Write in my journal
Keep in to Today!
(If you have one foot in yesterday and one in tomorrow how the hell are you enjoying todya?)
Write a gratitude list at least once a week-ish
Have a 5 year happy plan
Breath in and count out
Breath in Faith breathe out Fear

And the list really does go on BUT let's keep in mind that these seminar, tea's and ego buster's are only as good as we make them. These type's of seminar's and talks will last about 7 to 10 day's and then we will go back to our normal thinking. This is a fact unless you were born this way or do the suggested action it is not going to work.

So I am going to try to get back to my Normal hummm  and can someone tell me where the Blue Monkey is?

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