Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quilt/Crafting Room .....Doneish

This is a long post because it is the Craft Quilt Room in one post done in about 3 weeks. 

So the closet had to be gutted , patched, and painted. I just stuck to plain ole' white.

Very important Make a Plan

I did I made a plan with a drawing of what I wanted to accomplish. I have done to may project willy nilly and this way is better ! 

Alright the wall's are patched and painted the long white rail things to put the shelves on then attach the shelves. I found a light blue in the garage that matches the walls. It works and I do not have to buy paint.
The rails they are Rubbermaid Adjustable Wire Mount.    Rod one goes up. This is good . Trust me there are so many variables.Ok now the other two rod's making sure they are 22" inches apart from the inside. 

Now back to Lowe's.    Shopping Caution                            
Stay in the same area The same parts belong together
Ask how it works prior to leaving the store                                                                                                                                                                                   It look so easy when it is on the walls in Lowe's but Jesus - Mary and Joseph!!!  

Fabric Side of the closet

Here is the best part of the closet. The hanging material idea. I had seen some where that someone used this method to hang tissue paper. My mind says why not material. ???  Yes I have a LOT of material. I put the large quantity on top set's and matchingish on the shelf holding the material. I took "some" of the material that matched and hung it on the individual rods on the shelf. Brilliant! The drawers have matching colors and fabric style material. Look when I started quiting my teacher said buy material when it is out it does not come around twice. Thus the Fabric!
Pretty Cool Idea!
Here is the opposite side  that the desk will go into. The top shelves have quilt's that needs to be started. 

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