Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Desk

 This was my first project in a loooonnggg time. I could have asked Pa try to put it together but here is the deal-e-oh with men! In general

When a man tries to build something with instructions it is like asking him to read a map or directions when on a trip. It ain't gonna happen people! I find with my Gift of a Hubby and he is a gift! If something does not fit or the directions are "Wrong" he will jimmy it to make it work his way. Now this works when you stand and tell him what a good job he did. BUT ! When you go to use it or two years later there is an issue. Directions are there for a reason and Women follow them to the tee!

   I even bought my self the cutest little screw gun.

And that tool was the best investment I have made since my Kitchen Aid mixer grinding attachment!

I cover the floor with towels and three day's later I had a quilting table !
I popped it right into the closet that I measured first prior to even buying the desk .

 I already had the shelves up from the prior weeks project of gutting the closet and now it is time for filling and a possible pegboard.

Look pretty good you think?

I am thinking Chicken Coop next... Shhhhh

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