Thursday, March 28, 2013

Craftin Closet Done

 Let us not forget what we started with. The closet from Hell. My little girl moved over 7 years ago and I used quilt my little heart's desire.  Well I have been so busy with the life stuff I have just been out of touch from my regular hobbies.

Well you all know I recycled the wood from this closet into a raised cutting flower bed up in the garden. The closet is set up so I have all my material on  the right side . I do not have it color coordinated or theme specific just in the closet. Good enough for now.

On the top I have my project that haven't gotten to yet. They are in containers with the material for the specific project with a pattern or not. 

The fun side of the closet is where I place the desk I made and all the other stuff. Random Crafting supplies from Essential Oils to wooden clothes pins . 

Here we have my desk with my magnet board my daughter made out of an old cookie tray.

Last but not least a peg board spray painted to match and holding more stuff.

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