Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pack Rat Here

So I am sitting out on the patio doing my garden plan book. Every one needs a garden plan book.
So as I sit I decide to go in the home and take some random pictures. It is like when you do not know you are fat then you see a picture. Well I did not know I was such a "collector" that is putting it nicely .

First I hit the living room . Shut up about the paneling it is my husband only request in life is that he can keep that. 14 years I tell ya I do love that man.Yes I cover my furniture like an ole' Jew. But not with plastic or nice covers no random throw from about the house! Plus the pictures well they are a home to a group of  mismatched, no theme bunch of memories.

Ok the den-ish office grama's computer space. Just odd shit on the walls and at least I have captured my "collectibles" in a case.

Right below this is same room more shit. stuff


 Ok the dining room? OR the computer room. I use this for my computer and general hang it if you wear it outside area. Oh and please note the old cutting board with the recycle tub under it.

Ok this is only half the house Yes half. I am just to overwhelmed to go any further. Look before these pictures I was quite happy with my shit stuff and ,stuff and more stuff . Well I will try to re-vamp this but remember my friends "Rome was not built in a day" and this is one slow Jew! Well Jew like as my first hubby was Jewish and the kids are. Ok never mind! I'm Catholic . Good Lord a Catholic with language from the Devil!

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