Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My 13 for 2013

I was searching for Homemade dish detergent on the webster and how I ever came across this site I do not know. But it intrigued me so that I thought I would link in. *** It is now the next day and the link disappeared but I shall trudge on***I will more than likely be the oldest let alone the strangest goals. I like that I have others who are doing the same thing it makes each of us accountable and I like that. The thing's that I am looking most forward to is getting to know my fellow 13r'z. So here are my 13 goals. No they are not resolution. Duhhh

 1.  Update my websites daily - Just Ma's - Canarella -Not focus on how flashy and modern my  
      blog's are just keep doing what I am doing "Simple" and easy to navigate  

 2.  Make sure my loved ones know they are loved - They leave to fast !

 3.  Do not be a bitch 


 4. Laugh again - It has been a tough 4 years if you know me you know why

 5.  Tighten up my Nanny Lilly arms' (picture and post to come) no laughing I am old-er-ish

 6.  Read one new book a month and post that book have my own lil book club-ish-er
          Look at my Book Shelf on my sidebar - Progress not perfection my friends 

 7.  Learn more about and get better acquainted my camera

 8.  Organize my craft room

 9.  Start to quilt again - it has been 4 years and I use to quilt every Wednesday - geez

10. Learn to meditate

11. Tend the garden update my gardening outfit's

12. Keep making sure Pa my hubby knows how grateful I am to have him in my life

13. Feel the love and Keep my Faith and keep my Spiritual journal up to date

There ya go seems simple tonight but it is after midnight and I am ahhh trick I am so grateful ! It seems that after visiting all the blog's on this adventure they are all well hows do I say ...Young Jezzz I hope they do not say what the hell is that old Kroneee doing anywho! This will be fun! Most of their goals I did...I love this blogging thing!


That Janie Girl said...

Love! Glad you're blogging again!

Like the 13 for 13…I gotta come up with a list like that.


Terri said...

I hope you have better luck meditating than I have so far! Laughing more is definitely a great goal! :)

Rhonda said...

Hi Lani, Rhonda in Texas here. Love your blog and your funny posts!!


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