Monday, January 7, 2013

Dah Teeth Dah Teeth

I feel like that little man on that show what the hell was it called he would stand on the porch of the house and yell "Da Plane Da Plane" LOL. I am an obsessive , controlling, do it or dare to have mental battle with me. Please remember I am GOOD why am I so good? Years of experience. Why I am a detective, personal driver, chef, landscaper, homesteader, teacher, spy, politician, waitress, beautician, physiologist, seamstress, rug cleaner, sumo doctor and nurse all in one, daughter, mom, aunt, cousin, friend, enemy, and the list goes on so if you dare "Come and Get it" Anywho the point is at times this gift of knowledge and power is a kind of curse. I will ... let me give you an example.

Last night at say about 4:30 AM I needed to pee for the 5th time (Ah Age) so I decided why I will never know that I wanted to go into my Mama's bathroom and see how it was to sit on her toilet with the little help me seat. Ok so i trot in there and sit down and the plastic is a bit cool but the handles ? nice the height?  convenient ! Ahh almost out of toilet paper lucky I came here at 4:35 I shall change it for my Mama. Ok all is well I go to wash my hands and look down in the dark to the little container that harbor's her denture . What the hell where are her teeth?????? Now here is how my head works keeping in mind that this is really in reality none of my god damn business !

1. Where are the teeth
2. I checked to make sure they were there when I went to slumber
3. Were the teeth really in the container last night?
3. Did she put them in during the night?
4. Why would she put them in during the night?
5. Did she smell coffee in her imagination and think it was morning?
6. Why are they gone?
Mama thinking "Oh I know how to get her!" teehee

Ok by now it is 5:45 and this committee in my superior brain is reworking the teeth dilemma and trying with all it's might to get a solution! All this time that man of mine Pa is sleeping like a baby so a few times it runs through my head - Does he not know what a conundrum I am facing here with the teeth? Finally at 5:57 my mind in all it's 5% of sanity say's "Lani does it really matter? "


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