Saturday, January 5, 2013

So I noticed that


I spend way to much time in the kitchen why I have even gotten to the time where I have to think about cleaning and I do after each meal but I have to say I spend so much time in my kitchen. It makes me weary. I do not even have the time to post about all the stuff I do on my various blog's. Well that is going to change. Today I will post as much as I can on each to catch you up with this new year of 2013!

It looks to be a wonderful cooking year. My preserving, cooking , fermenting and baking skills are at a peak. I am out of the scared stage and into the do not give a shit if it does not turn out I will try again. There  are as many sites on life, cooking, etc etc etc as there are words in the dictionary?
My Mother-in-Love
My Nephew Joshua and Stephanie
Linsey and Pa
Me - Mimi and Mama

My Babies
And everyone want to be the best have the most follower's well those day's are over because the way I am going to post my stuff oui I will probably loose follower's. All 7 of them . Life is short and I have dismissed some of the FB friends I had because I am so fricken sick of seeing posters, cards, fables, save the this vote for that I am Holy Shit I am my Father!


Rhonda said...

Whew! You've been busy cooking and visiting. Take care.

That Janie Girl said...

Looks like y'all are having great fun!

Scrabbleheads! lol!



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