Friday, January 25, 2013

Wind, Wine and I need to stop cussing

I meant to keep this blogging up it seems to me my life has gotten rather dismal. But in perspective I have picked my camera back up. And so the pictures will be back. I seem to do so much in the kitchen that it seems every picture is of food. And yes I gained 4 pounds back even though Mama say's I look skinnier (think I will keep her around) The fuckin dumb gophers are back but Pa is going to attach a hose to his dirt bike this weekend and blast the bastards out.

I have gotten half of the 400 pound bag of daffodils in the ground I read on he tag on the heavy ass bag that they need to be in the partial shade. Then my Sunset book says full sun and well drained soil. Oh plus they should have been planted in late fall. To god damn bad they are going in now and if they do not come up then they will next year. Plus he bonus is gophers hate them! Bingo! Ok someone tell the dog it is a raised garden not a dog bed!

 I hate sunny day's because there are times during the day at different times the sun shines in my windows showing how spotty they are from the rain. Yet another chore. Ok here is the deal-e-oh Mama is addicted to Pinochle on the computer. last weekend she played for 7 hours straight. Not even a cigarette break. Pa says she needs to go to Pinochle anonymous. I say shhhh it keeps her happy!

 Mimi and I took Mama to Hemet to play some Majah with her peeps. What a group they love to get together and after they sit and have a few drinks. I hope I am blessed like Mama to have friends who enjoy my company at 83 years young.
 I spent the whole of one day making orange marmalade it turned out good. But the day was longggg because my bright mind decided to let it make it's own pectin. Long story short it turned out good.

 This is a typical day in my kitchen I am always baking cooking or canning it has become a job. I made some Potato Cookies go figure they were delicious.

I have transferred almost all the plastic out of the pantry and made the most out of DIY stuff. I am finding some DIY are not so good. But that is another web page. But how cute is the little jar my Pa and I put together for my hand soap.Personally I think it is almost impossible to get rid of all plastic in this day and age.

Had a nice time at a gathering of friends a few weeks ago.

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