Sunday, October 7, 2012

Here comes October

My home is the official spot for October fest. No not in the usual scene but in the fact that my life is crazy!

To your left is Mimi doing her best to win Mama at Rummy Tile. Hey for a woman who is not as with it as normal do not let my Mama fool you!

She seems to remember every detail on how to kick our asses at this game.  Note the way she is looking at Mimi as if she can not remember...I got her number holy shit she kept me up till 10 pm Friday night. No not that that is late but I said "You tired Mama?" NO now shuffle  the tiles ..... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
These are four of my favorite things. Ms. Independence, Mr .Shhhh, and my puppies!
Add two more to the mix and I am even happier!

And Mama is look-in pretty HOT in her new outfit! Heading for the door to the3 car to go shop more. Hey she knows what she wants.

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