Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Family Hair Day

She has that mad cut look in her eyes

 Edward Sizzor Hands was home. And a busy weekend it was, Apron Strings moved , Mimi came over for the weekend to visit with Mama and Ms. Independence is here to cut all our hair. By  last night Mama was so tired I had to wheel her to her room.

It was good to have all the girls together and have some fun.  And not to have Mama ask one more time "Now what day is Heather coming to cut my hair?"

 I asked Mama to kindly smile but really Mama that exaggeration
she did it on purpose after I told her she had a phoney smile. Really Mama Chung go chin. And look at Ms. Mimi being a good little assistant for Heather Anne.
 Look at Mama like Hey we done Little Missy ?

Ahhh Aunt Mimi's turn. And her hair got so long oh Lady Godiva. Do not laugh my brother said we are descendants of Lady Godiva. Who finds this stuff. Damn if I only knew that I could have put it on my resume

 Save the best for last. And now that I have grown out my helmet hair. Look I gave the short hair a good shot and the hair cut Heather Anne gave me was great ...butttttt... Some things even if they say that when you get older you should keep your hair shorter. With me not so much. I can not quite put my finger on what it was. Big Forehead, Age, Wrinkles, Gray Hair, Large forehead. I think the helmet theory was right there. 

 Foxy Lot check out Mama;s spikes. It was super fun and so kind of my baby to be our personal stylist I owe her a package of nummy stuff!


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