Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Mimi

 A table set for a Queen. Queen Mimi is 53...
I will tell you it has been w while since I have had an kind of function at the house. I miss it so much. One of the reasons I am so glad to have Mama here.

Rigfht now I am able to catch up on my blog's get some canning done and general home stuff.
 So it was the Baby girls Birthday. Little Mimi she show's up with yes..wait for it...wait for it ...A DATE !!!!!!! this is hugh and you couldtell she was a nervous as a school girl. It has bbeen a while for he4r she was in a longggggggggggggggggggggggg term relationashipthat did not work out. Thank you baby Jessus! But Neil he is fun!
 Mama is looking quite good of late! Her hair has grown in there is color in her face. Yes looking good Foxy lady! So family came over Mama had not seen her baby grandson Josh (Casey's son) in quite a while so it was good for them to laugh. Oh my gosh Stephanie brought a dip that was out of this world. A guacamole and crab dip it was the hit of the day!

Even the dog's had fun. That is Bandit Josh and Steph bring him when they come over.

Lookin good Mama

Mimi and Niel and me and Steph
what is with the bangs? Or should I call them a waterfall look?

Ok when you look at the picture above Mimi is trying to look all cutie ba tutie and I am trying to pretend I am a super model on the price is right? Really Girls!
Family....feel the love

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