Friday, October 19, 2012

Dinner at Apron Strings

Well it was amazing to go to Hank's new apartment. I was in awe and here is why.

A. He dumped the trash
B. Cleaned the kitchen
C. Showed me his washer
D. Cooked dinner

It just goes on and on. 

And here is his little partner in apartment crime.
So happy. Give it a year or two...
Oh we love our freedom

I do not have to clean this plate

These two get together and it is like two women they talk and talk and talk. I swear they do not stop. Not even to pee!
Proof they are cleaning !

Ok let me ask you who tires to look like shit on purpose in a picture!

And Greg said "I do not eat pumpkin" Well I made a pumpkin Cheese cake and this little tiny piece is his second. I am surprised he stopped talking to pa long enough to eat it.
It is just strawberries, honey and a teenie bit of tobacco.

HOOKA Time I had never tired this before. Oh the memories of Bong ville

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