Friday, April 20, 2012

New stuff

What a great week. Garden is blooming. Got my button stuff out to start my newest adventure. Oh please don't ask. The sun is going to shine this week. I am trying to get ready for a garage sale later this month. I am off to update my cooking blog Just Ma's. I have so many pictures of food I have made but have not had the time to put up the stuff with recipe's and pictures. My ass butt gets numb sitting here for so long.

My laborer doing the chairs
We also got some new rod iron lounge chairs for the yard. I figure the dogs can not chew them , the sun can't fade them and they will last forever. Now a days they ask you if for an extra few dollars  would you like a lifetime warranty . Well the way things go and the age I am I think not 1 more year is a life time.

Ta-Da done
 So today I am going to go sink  my tomato plants. I will plant them with Basil they have natural predators that help each other. Last year I planted my tomatoes the next day I went up to water them and they were gone...LOL right out of the ground the gophers took them. Does the puppy know she is Not helping me. When I dig - she digs then sits in the spot she dug. I have to fake dig! Her leg is in the row I dug for the dill plants.

The tomatoes

I must-must-must start to walk again I use to walk a few miles a day. Routine is so hard to get back into and it is not like I do not want to.

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