Friday, April 27, 2012


 So back to mama's and this was a very busy visit. The save money we serve you guys came out. It is an energy service that works with the Electric and Gas Companies. What they do is come out to Senior Citizens homes and update all the stuff, change light bulbs, check vents, clean filters and much more. This way you are saving money but saving energy and you get a discount on your bill. Super
 Here is our little Bald Senior getting checked by the Nurse so she can get some of the things that this grand state of ours offers our seniors. Do you have any idea what is available to our Seniors thru their Medicare! I am so amazed...Why I am still in shock. Here is a bit of the story. It all starts by Mimi putting the bug in my ear that there are some things offered to seniors thru the state...I get a bad taste in my mouth the minute goverment is mentioned. But I am willing to listen. So I go on the World Wide Web and check out all the SS Insurance sites and Medicare sites. I print out a 7900 page booklet on how to apply for this shit. Bring it to my mama's
go over it with her....Mimi and I decide we will start to research this when we get home. After all neither of us are WWW savvy. But before we leave my mama has an appointment at her primary doctor ...We love Dr. Kolli I can not believe a do not have a picture of him.

Anywho we are sitting there and he walks in and asks mama how she is ...blah blah blah..Then I ask him Dr. Kolli I have been looking through some websites regarding some services my mama might be able to  get through Medicare... Yes Lani let me request that and we will get it started....No shit..The next day a nurse is calling and now my mama has.......
Justine the Therapist - 2 times a week
Nelly the social Worker - once a week
Marcela the Nurse - once a week
Maricella - Shower Nurse 2 times a week

And still to come:
A free Lazy Boy chair
Meals on wheels
Caregiver three times a week to clean and care for her .....
It just keeps getting better and better

Lottery tickets make her happy

Her she is with her lottery tickets we buy a few and scratch them when I visit...Look it is either scratch the tickets or scratch our ass'z....   I love my mama

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Colleen said...


Your Mom is such a pretty woman. I only hope to be as good with my Mom as you are with yours!


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