Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back in the saddle

So here is my brain off coffee...Zoom...zoommm.zaaoomm...It goes in a hundred different directions. I have been feeling better but have Dr. Saw-off's restrictions. One which just kills me is no gym...I lost a lot of weight I am now at my fighting weight 135...WOOT WOOT. But at 57 that weight is hanging like a wet towel. Now to be honest all the trainers in the world and all the exercise in the universe will not completely help. Oh sure I can start to walk again and trust me I will. The problem is my brain yes again!

Here is my brains schedule:

1. Wake up at 5:30 (like it or not)
2. Stare at the ceiling & tell my self how good a walk would be (space moments)
3. Take the dogs out (Yes I accompany them for their morning shit poop)
4. Put up a pot of de-cafish coffee
5. Take care of the horse (more shit poop)
6. Give my canary her broccoli and corn (Shut up I am a mommy)
7. Grab a cup of what ever I brewed up and OJ
8. Do my morning pages (do not ask)
9. Think about walking
10. Talk to my baby Heather Anne
10. Sit down at the computer to update my various blogs/websites
11. Start some project and you DO NOT want a list of pending projects Oh you do ok here

Projects to do

Let's just start with on going that should be fun

  1. Continue with bookmarks, cans, and bracelets
  2. Get marmalade done. ( I have a case of lemons starting at me )
  3. Get pickles in the crock
  4. Do garden raised beds and all things one acre of dirt can handle
  5. Continue to gather garage sale shit stuff
  6. Update 4 blogs/websites
  7. Cook.... feelin the love
  8. Physical therapy exercises 500 times a day
  9. E bay store stuff
10. Train the new pain in the ass puppy
and on and on and on..............
Garden Maven

Book Marks awaiting charms and beads
and me and Ernie  at the gym...well he has to be  there

Come on ma play with us

When I walked I looked Happy?

Oh those kids...we love our candy corns

Oh today I am going to start Highlighting Business in Simi that I love..I realize that everyone has different experiences and different taste but mine is the most may not agree with my choices but it might help you if you need something kinda a Lani 411...I would have put pictures but it would have been to much wait .....maybe not....... hang in there ....

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