Friday, March 30, 2012

Taking care of our parents

What a great job to be able to take care of your parents. Seriously I have never gotten as much satisfaction then the time I am spending with my mama. Granted I went to see her every month for a few days but this is special. The fact that she raised me to be the woman I am today makes it such a pleasure to help her now when she needs it. Now the laughter I am getting out of it BONUS I have been a bit busy with mama and with this god damn arm of mine. Yes the accident was a a last June and it is still broken so Friday they are going to go in and fix it again...

My helper....LOL
Starting this new year I have my little helper Ms. Mimi daughter #4 ... Now I have  a bit of a control issue...... and having my little helper well let us say I acted like a 13 year old girl going through puberty.  I was let see a Bitch not nice girl. But my sister had the patients of a saint and went with it...She has not been around our mama for a while so she needed to get adjusted herself. So our first visit we get there and mama forgot to tell us she had the flu ...Really Mama so we were in and out ....but as soon as I got home I got the flu...So all better I went back with my little helper and we Molly maid the house got her to all her doctor appointment and all is good. Just since her cancer and radiation she is weak as can be. It will be a long road before she is going to feel better.

All set back home we go!  Forward 2 weeks and back to mama;s for appointment's Podiatrist because she almost swang at Lil Mimi when she tried to cut her toe nails and the ears well volume 65 eeeee!

So I just got back from mama's and we went to the podiatrist to get her feet looked at just because we can....I took some sweet shots of her getting her toes chopped. LOL...she was mad as a hornet after but grateful...

 Then we are off to the Hearing Center to find out if she can hear ok...Alright seriously when the TV is at the volume of 65 there is a problem. She got them all set and talk about funny...Got some shots of the little bald girl in the booth....LOl...God I love my mama.....Well Mimi and I will be back there for Easter that should prove to be just one more adventure ...God Bless

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

So glad you see caring for grandma is a blessing, and that she is a sweetheart. Blessings all around.


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