Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The surgery ....the arm

March Update 

 This is the Grand Piano in the lobby of Kaiser Woodland Hills. could it get any nicer....Well in I go at 5:45 for the arm surgery. Little info: Arm broken (humerus) bone in car accident last June, Never healed and nerve damage ouch for 5 months. But alas I got one heck of a great doctor. He is going to make it all better we will take from the Hip about 2 1/2 inches of bone....saw the ends of the bones put it back together with a little bone mush and couple of plates and call it a day. What was going to be a 2 hour surgery turns into 6 +......
After lookin sexy

The stay was lovely. My first night I was so doped up I could have cared less but the next AM when a nice woman and her family of 7 non English speaking relatives came in oui" Really????  Now that is the reason I gave you a picture of the earplugs. I hadto get them because between the TV all  night and the endless stream of relatives...but at least she was not alone...

Ear plugs for the spanish chatter boxes next to me
Drugs plezzzzz
Hank thought it was a Kaiser party oh and Lynsey his one and only must have thought she was
invited. They came and opened the windows and brought drinks, magazines, LOL Seriously you must love your children. MORE DRUGS PLEASE!
Party in room 1435

Staples and my hip bone arm...lol

Hip bone bruise

Here are the hip shots and arm shots

The view for 4 days...Rain !


Vintage Sandy said...

Oh you poor thing nothing worse than chatty cathy's next to you when you don't feel good get better soon!!

andsewon said...

Good wishes for speedy healing!! Hope all goes as it should this time!


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