Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thee Pine Tree

Well this decision took me some time...I have a grand pine tree over 30 years old behind the barn..For two years I have struggled with taking it out...I am yes a Republican Tree Hugger....I know I know hard to grasp but true...This tree came from Oregon and was planted Once Upon a time...but let me give you my say struggle...Well let us do a pro and cons list ready?


  Pro                                                                                   Con 
Shade for home                                                              House is cold
Pine needle mulch                                                          Pine needles killing crops
Roots Keep the hill steady                                             Roots to thick to dig through
Squirrels love it                                                             Stupid Ravens shit everywhere
Trail riders cannot see who is singing so shitty             I will stop thinking I am Celine Dion
5 years of firewood                                                       Squirrels eat my fruit                                             
Fruit Trees will grow (had them 6 years have gotten 4 plums and one apricot)
The tree truck is now shaped to be a chair and two tables (sat too soon and stuck to the tree SAP)

Nice Chair

Apron Strings with a glass of vino

The Wood is Happy

As you see I made my decision and let me tell you bartering with a Hispanic American person is not easy.....I will not tell you the cost but I got it 700.00 dollars cheaper than quoted talks peeps....Now do not any of you neighbors think I am giving you any firewood...I am a wood who I am so excited to have sunshine on my upper acre-ish...Oh crap la la ....don't tell Pa..the poor man goes to work and really probly drives home wondering what myself and the animals have done that day...

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JstLv2Crz said...

I love your little faces on your new firewood! I saw them the other day as I was riding by! Now that you have sunshine I think you should have Gary Build you a chicken coop so you can get your "CHICKENS"!!


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