Friday, February 10, 2012

Gosh sorry for the delay

 This has been what I have been up to...

Organizing Mother-in-loves garage...on going oui vey is me!
Gardening withthe help of my new Babay Casey...I have to thank this little puppy becuase she has gptten me back out into my yeard. I have just had no desire since my accidnet to get creativce...but once out here it is nevcer ending the things I havce neglected...I will keep the gardening up on the Dirty Lil Blog

 Made Blueberry Peach Jam I decided rather than complain about how I can not fill the water bath and get it to the stove ...waawaaa I would have Pa fill and put it on the stove for me the days I want to can....Also I have done some Pressure cooking made Black Bean Soup and Pinto obsession.....wootwoot

 Yup school is out...I had to drop the  class I am having surgery again on March 16trh and I can not hold a camera with both arms because the  break is not healed...yulk..but so be it
 Lookie here Kaiser has a pianist who plays music all day how sweet...he was playing the sound of music when I went by....feel the love Kaiser...they rock
 Dinner with the girls from High School always a good time and lots of laughs
 Yup my dad and Lynn got a new puppy an damn cute...Mia

I swear my life is one thing after another...but it all seems like it is suppose to be this way....ya think?....Alright just to catch you up .....God Bless and the puppy here so much for putting the water up at night she found the gosh darn fountain

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That Janie Girl said...

Love your new behbeh. I do.


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