Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ok what happened to College ??

Alright-y then we started school officially.....great day but there are a few things I would like to discuss...First I got there a bit early and found two Bill Gates types sitting at the official table we will referrer to this as the digital table here on out..This adventure goes on for months...yippee...We have not had this much fun since the car accident....So I get there early which I see most dorks do...Damnwish I had pictures ...after all photo class...duhhhhhhh...next week

So my new geekz are talking about how in the rain maybe the teacher is not coming...guys it is 10:45 we have 15 minutes....And on and on this is the most negative little group...so I look up and there low and behold is someone who is perhaps only 15 years younger then myself...I say "So have you taken pictures before" Little did I know what I started....he says "Well I use to have a company in the early 90'z that specialized in suggestive photos for loved ones abroad to get them home faster"...???? he continues ..." don't get me wrong they were not nudes...(the two little geeks were so memorized by there digital toys it went right past them).....As Suave Bole' is going on and on I start to fake read my book to make him stop....Please Make Him Stop...zzzzzzzzzzzz

So the crowd is starting to gather at front of the door....It was funny they all stand say 15 or so staring at the door...not a word said to each other why you could have heard a pin drop..... I am really amazed because as you all know it takes nothing to make me talk...While enjoy my new Geeks they were fun and I will enjoy them this semester... the door opens ...Hey wait that is not our teacher...Geeks get excited with man I told you dude!....But as we walk in there is a note on the board..Teacher running late be here by 11:15....

The air thick with anticipation still no talking...What the F@***&*( is this the new generation all the gadgets but not a word to one another)...So be it.....Because of my broken arm it is taking me the extra 15 minutes to get my jacket off plus it is new so it is crunchy sounding (Parka) Do you thing the dip shit behind me might help me as I under cuss and breath like I'm doing a X90 video.....Oh hell no!

All right then the jacket is off I am all sweaty and ready for break time....In walks the teacher and the only one possibly close in age.....So he starts the lecture it is interesting but numbers?? fractions??? I thought I was going to vomit...I am a Math Moron....Breath Lani Breath.... breath in Faith breath out fear in out in out....Ok Now comes the Film part it is a series and the teacher says...Excuse ME...you on the right of the classroom you need to wake up for this part...You can go back to your nap after...Hello Nappers..." I thought I was going to fart my pants to funny here is the catcher...these kids were not even fazed by being woke up they just nodded like no problem...Good Lord....

Break Time
Now lets get to the waiting list add on office visit....I go trotting off to the office the rain has let up...great no umbrella I go in ....it goes something like this...
Oh no student Id number go to the registration
Oh it is to late to add the class
You need the code...I got it jackass now what
You need to log on to one of the computers over there and do it yourself
WOW ....Where are the humans...Alright I go over to the computer with 8 minutes of break and the last day to do this....I'm in to the computer after changing my password for yet the 7 time...I see the class is not the same number I started with....Excuse me Mr. (guy who's desk just happens to be next to me..poor soul) What the hell the number is not the same...Ok Mame (Mame are you kidding me next thing I know he will be asking me paper or plastic..) just put in the number he gave you...Do you have the code...Yes I have the secret code...because if not I have to go to the Dean...ya think he might have better things to do the dean is probably one of my neighbors kid's......OK the code is in it is time to pay and I almost have a heart attack when I see the cost...Wait it was not this much in 1886.....LMAO>..Who the hell am I?....So I pay and get up to run back to class and of course it is pouring rain remember that umbrella I did not need....

I could go on and on but the class is done and I stay to tell the teacher I am not so math skilled he say look just enjoy the class....and stay awake with a wink...This is going to be fun!
              ahhh Mondays !

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