Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stuff gotta love it ....NFL Playoffs

This little lovely was sitting in the bottom of a box ...Dried out and ugly ...I took it home for a mere .50 cents and made it beautiful.It brings back ,memories of dip and chips and football. Not from today but my parents use to have the best football parties all season long. Neighbors and friends would come over..And even if you did not like or liked the sport our house was a sport all to its self. Beer, popcorn and whatever anyone brought. Sunday at the house was football, beer and lots and lots of Run God Dammit run....or Go you stupid for the profanity but Pu really can not candy coat it...

So in caring on the good ole' boys and girls time...we are watching NFL playoffs while I pressure can black bean soup.....Rah Rah

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