Monday, January 16, 2012

Really.... again

  Ok so those of you who follow my life know I have had my fill of
diets.....And here we go again this year that same god damn 10 pounds that haunts me is back....First of all how the hell heck does it do it...I watch what i eat...I watch it and I eat it. I am a good girl....I am good at eating....I joined yet another thing ...I'm to embarrassed to even mention which one.....Whatever...Today I thought OK I joined last week so I have stocked the refrigerator and have my etools......And today is the day...So I go to my mother -in -loves house to help her. We had to purge her garage today...Ok so yesterday I went to help her squish her Christmas stuff back into the cupboards and it would not fit...Now keep in mind that she has not bought any new stuff and only took out what she needed....Ok then how the hell heck is it not fitting...While I am roaming through her garage I ask Oh lulu why is there a box of at least 200 envelopes for Mass's for the dead? Oh Lani you know you just never know when you may need to send a prayer card...Yes I get it but really???? So many....Then I mosey over to the other side of the pray counter and there are boxes now these boxes are full but of what...Let us take a closer look huh! Full of other boxes and bags...lots and lots of bags ...not just any bags plastic bags....So I ask oh lulu why so many boxes and bags...Well Lani you never know when you may need them for stuffing or storage....Ah Huh.....Now my mind is thinking what is next......well behind the box's and bags here are gift box's and bags from the last oh say 15 years....oh Lulu why all the bags...well Lani now I never have to buy any....Need I call the hoarders line???? No it was not quite as bad as it may sound but I went back today to clear out her stuff .....Oh Jeseeee off topic we were talking about my fat ass
weight issue....So after we went through the garage dumped the stuff into her trash can ..her neighbors trash can and my husbands work dumpster we went to get her lunch...So I am at the table saying ok so let's get a cup of tea I already had lunch and we are not doing desert....I must have been in a coma because 15 minutes after I ordered my tea the waitress brought me a molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate....What the Hell how did this happen ..well needless to say I had to eat it.......after all if not the ice cream would have melted and made a big mess....And the extra weight makes me cuss like a truck driver...It is never ending...Wish me luck with this weight issue and My mother-in-loves garage...xoxo

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