Sunday, January 1, 2012

Slap me a Happy 2012

My New Years Eve party crowd....
Well this is going to be a great year I can smell it already...It is a beautiful day the sun is shinning and I have a lot to do in the New Year.....What you ask? Ok I have adoped my Sister Casey Canary so now I have tow one girl and one boy..The Boy Canary sings so much all day and the girl sitsw and stare at him saying hwne the hell are you going to shut up...I happen to love it...Ok next a yard full of stuff to grow....And the list goes on I will not tell you everything other wise you won't check the blog for these thrilling updates....But betwenn People..Food..Animals and Fun shit I will hopefully keep you a entertained as in years gone by...Oh let me apoligise for 2011 it was a borning blog year becuae there was so much personal stuff that I could not keep up on or find to muh humor in....Hey happy new year and let get this party started....xoxo...God Bless..


David said...

Happy New Year to you and your family

Rhonda said...

Happy New Year Lani. I've missed you!


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