Thursday, January 5, 2012

Busy bee 2012

Alrighty then lets get this year going! I have checked in with all my doctors and so far we have
  • The Arm - slow healing but okie dokie
  • Oncologist - good still cancer free boobies yum yum
  • Gyno - Gagina is alive
  • Cardiologist - The Heart is still beating and they are upping the needed - really I do not want surgery so we will do what ever to avoid it
  • Physical Therapy - Neck still sound like rice krispies when I turn it but it turns - the arm we are working on helping it go up in the air because I really need to shave that arm pit
Soooo-ohhhh with that here is the plan...this week I have made it to the gym with so many restrictions that when I am there I just stare at the things I can not do and half ass the things I can.....I walked the dog everyday at 6:0 except one day when the older dog trapped us in the kitchen and would not let us leave until we told her where we were going. We told her we were testing out leashes for when she can go for walks again.  She is really sick she got mauled by a dog in the hood and is not recovering and it does not look good for her....but back to "me"....I have updated my blogs and find that I have allot of hobbies and until I stopped long enough to look  Baby Jesus  I'm busy...I have baked some new bread that i would not feed to anyone...horrible the bread was so bad that when it rose to be baked I looked at it and it fell like a bad souffle' ....Oh but i did make a killer good jam Carrot Jam from a cook book I found at Casey's (tear) when I was packing her stuff...I still can not believe that my sister is gone.....Oh crap oh and I enrolled in school to learn how to use the camera I bought last year...yeah you think that maybe I should learn to use it after all it only cost 5 gazillion dollars....Ok I'm going to go I'm tired and my shows start back up tonight....I love you all and miss the heck out of my blogging...Stay safe and pray to Baby Jesus that this is a peaceful year for me.....xoxo


Rosanne said...

Here's to a calm 2012!

Rhonda said...

Love you check list. Looks like you're hanging in there and rearing to go forward. Happy New Year, girlfriend!!

Friends of the Daingerfield Public Library said...

Keep busy! Learn something new! Stay young!

And take care of yourself!


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