Saturday, December 10, 2011

Casey's weekend

This was one of the weekend I brought Casey down to my house to spend the weekend before she was to ill to travel...It was funny every time I tried to take a picture she would cover herself or flip me off...the nerve....When I get home I have to post some more pictures this was just a little way of checking in.....Yes I have been gone so much....I have been in Hemet taking care of Casey and Mama..... I do say the time went by to fast....If you did not know I lost my sister last Friday she put up a hell of a fight and lost the battle but Woot Woot to her and her bravery and strength.....Today was her  Party friends and family got to together to celebrate her life and what a life it was...Yes yes yes she was an ole' battle ax but I know for a fact she was the most creative person on earth....Creative you ask she was beyond creative 30 years at various studios Disney, Hanna Barbera, Filmation, Name it she worked there and the stuff she made I will be posting some of her stuff next week when I return home She was 60 so young. I had a good relationship with her out of all those 60 years we did not see each other for 5 I was raising kids she was raising hell! I learned so much from her and I Hope she learned from me from time to time....We laughed so hard sometimes we would pee our pants...We use to say "You padded up?" because we were sure to pee our pants if we were together.....I love her so and will miss her more...I am so sad but so grateful she is out of pain and in Gods hands......I promise I will post daily no pictures till i get back home next week. Still watching mom but she is in remission and getting stronger.I can not imagine what my mama is going through after her Cancer treatment and loosing her first baby girl.....Pray for her she deserves the prayers...God Bless and thanks for listenreadingish....xoxo

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Rosanne said...

So sorry to hear about your sister, my sympathy.


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