Monday, November 28, 2011

Go East... Come West... Go East

Ok sorry I have been so silent but good lord my life is a go-go-go even more action than I do on my all know the situation but here are a few giggles

A. I go back to the desert to take mama to the doctor's one morning we needed to be at the radiology doctor at 8 am ..Ok so mama says she will wake me up the appointment is at 8am...I'm all cuddled up in my blow plastic rubber bed....Really! Mama comes in and is all dressed and says Honey it is time to go! Ok That was at 10 minutes to 8 ...are you kidding me...I almost went in my jammies...

B. I had to take Sis to the doctors she was getting sicker and so we are on our way out the door and her legs go rubber on her down she goes..I'm running back and forth thinking 911..911...Some men were walking by the house I'm in tears and ask for help...God bless them they get her up and into the walker none the worse from the fall and they say "Could you pull the car out into the street..She yells no way I will not let anyone see me this way...Again.... Really..I gab her shirt and tell her this is not  time to go all Ego on me....Into the car off to he hospital...

C. I have sis in the Er waiting for a room they want to check her in and I had to go to the car to get her something..? Carmex or something I misplaced the keys I got a bit ruffled and ran out to the hall wondering Holy moly where are they ...Low and behold they were zipped into my purse safe...She says to me Look little girl when you come back I want those keys....Really! like where is she driving to in her condition!

D. I'm at the hospital getting everything set to bring sis home with Hospice and my mama decides she is going to go on a little adventure to Target...She comes out and lost her car 20 minutes later she get it and drives down to Michales she goes in get her stuff and comes out...She could not get the darn keys into her car so she goes back inside to ask help of the kind young man..He comes out and tires an tries to ge the key in she is looking around and turns back to the  young man and says oh look my car is down there...So this guy is trying to open a car that is not even hers! Really!

Well tomorrow is anther day and I personally think I need the prayers more......Mama is Cancer Free and sis is coming home with help from Hospice keep her in your prayers!!! xoxo

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