Monday, June 20, 2011

Painting up the class

My life at the Senior Center is becoming quite a lot of fun. It is quiet. I am making new friends. The gossip is off the wall funny. And I am doing something I always wanted to do...Not so well but doing it never the less are two of the latest pictures. The birds well I crossed out his wing because it looked like he shit he pooped a wing...The teacher said "Oh Lani no no no you can fix that no more x's...yeah yeah yeah...The magnolia well it took two weeks but I'm feeling alright about it.
Here is the deal. People are constantly moseying around the room looking at every ones work...And they come to mine and either shuffle by fast or say "Oh Hon good job for your first class" Is that like take more honey you need it ....well no matter I love the class and I am learning something new.....Picasso I'm not but hey at least it is not a paint by numbers....

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Rhonda said...

Hey girl..... long time no hear from...... come over and visit!!!


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