Monday, June 20, 2011

Ventura County Swappers

Ventura County Swap was a great success.  The mood was delicious! I first want to thank all who attended  you made this Swap a success and for that I thank you. Well the array of goodies was endless. Jared and Liberty with Baby Miles (to cute) brought us Fig preserves, Marmalade's, Kim Chi which I ate they had to pull me away from their area ....oh yum...and the amount and variety of greens was awesome. Bobbi who was getting information on starting a swap in Sylmar brought some yummy cookie dough balls ....Cindy and Lynsey mom and daughter duo came with some shortbread bars and body scrub. There was no lack of jams and the variety was really unique lots of strawberry but out here in California it is on every corner the strawberry trucks picked straight from the fields daily. Juli came with a great amount of squash and nice plants aloe, Iris and Day Lilly's. Stephanie and Josh came with butters and cranberry bread and lemons which I can always use. Karin had some delicious brownies with and without nuts...

Go here to see our pictures I am trying to figure out how to get a slide show up and going...Hey I can jam but tech stuff.... not so much...stop laughing Liberty

The reporter Anne who came to cover the story let us know she had a good amount of peach's and that the swap for August is looking like she may participate. I must say that the people coming together for this Swap was great. I learned many thing but most of all we all looked forward to our next gathering. The energy was so good. We even discussed the fact that there are people out there that would love to swap items like more plants, hand made knits and wools and recycled and hand made paper goods. Wow it is amazing that when we get to know the people in our own community who are making and growing their own products it could seriously be endless. And everyone was talking about places they knew we could host our next swap.

I could go on all day but all in all a great success and fun was had by all

Thank you Ventura County Swappers 

The swappers were full of useful information for one another and was eager to share.

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