Sunday, June 19, 2011

The catch up list

Alright I know it has been a while and there is no excuse none what so ever but really I was grounded. Ok I I I have been busy at the gym?...painting? I had a baby? not to busy for you to busy for me..I know I updated the other blogs so what are you chopped liver but as long as we are on the subject of food.the swap went really well...Swap What Swap you ask go here and read about it ...but come back I have a lot to tell you ...So I have gone to painting class that will be a separate story today...I canned Plums from the neighbors tree this Am...Had my birthday and today going to go to dinner for fathers day..okie dokie ....went to Mommy's ans hopwfully next week i will get back to my quilting.....Alright I have a stove going I am going to take a picture of the lovely magnolia I painted in class it is not so much the class as the students that keeps me there....xoxo

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