Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maz Mac and Chicken

This is one of the things I do best get what is left in the refrigerator and start a cookin
Some onions - peppers and mozzarella cheese
Fry up the bacon you can use any kinds of bacon turkey or meat
Stir fry the veggies in the bacon greezze
crumble the bacon
Cook the chicken season with some smoked paprika and pepper ...

Chop the chicken bite size
Shred the cheese
layer the yummy stuff
Mix it up top with remaining cheese/bacon and bake
Oh My Yummy in the Tummy

Maz Mac and Chicken 


2 Bell Peppers pick your color
I love red and yellow because they are pretty and have a less bitter taste
3  Scallion onions

I love these onions they have a gentle taste and they are the only ones in the frig
2 large chicken breast bone off cut into squares after cooked
1 + cup of mozzarella cheese shredded
Bacon 6 strips fried and crumbled
Whole wheat macaroni

Directions and tips for your dinner

All the stuff is pre-cooked then you just mix that stuff up bake and wala dinners ready everyone....
Look lets face it we all want to make dinner fast and easy but i am a true believer that real dinners are not fast action to do's

So pre-cook the macaroni set it aside
Spice and cook your chicken while you are prepping the rest of the stuff
Take your two chicken breast wash them and put them into a baking pan. I season with smoked paprika and pepper. ya know you can season with the seasoning you like just keep in mind that you want your taste to mesh....moving on
  • I always line my baking dish with aluminum for easy clean up... I will have to stop this soon as the guilt of the aluminum waste is weighing on my mind. but  lets move on ....
Ok while the chicken is cooking Hey set the timer fro 20 minutes for the chicken at 375 degreez
Alright lets get the beacon going now i use real pork bacon because i get the drippings i need to cook the peppers and stuff think of flavor  of this after fried yummy again

Alright the bacon is done set it aside and pour out the drippings i put them in a can cause ya just never know when I may need them .....
Ok take your chopped onions and peppers and put them in the bacon pan stir fry just for taste not till they are mushy...I like my veggies to have a crunch to them in my food it makes me know they are fresh....but again it is your dish so do what you will.
Ok lets see oh shred your cheese yes you can buy pre-shredded but fresh shredded again the flavor....choices.....
Alright lets check what we did ....the macaroni...done...the chicken..done...the bacon and veggies..done.... the cheese ...done...ok lets mix....

Get out your casserole dish out and put a layer of macaroni in now add the rest of the stuff....yummy hey the cheese save some for the top oh and the bacon save some of that too....Alright mix all the stuff together and top with cheese and bacon...pop it in the oven and yell 

"Kidz dinner is ready its Mom's brilliant dinner surprise...come get it...." 
The pictures help ...Bake the dish in a 325 degree oven now remember that the stuff is already cooked to we are just melting all thew flavors together judge it use that cookin head of yours I will leave it in till oh heck 20 minutes

Enjoy and Thank you 

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