Thursday, March 10, 2011

Joined yet another gym.....

It is in construction
Yes I am serious why why why ? ? ? I lost the infamous 20 pounds in the last say yearlong...but 6 are back...and gosh darn if i do not stay as busy as the day is long...yesterday i was out in the yard from 6:30 AM that is AM till it turned dark but there is another story to that the gopher story I will have show you...personally i look like Bill Murray from Caddy Shake joke...ok back to the gym...So this gym will open April and I will be there why this gym you ask ..well 9.99 cents a month yup and it is a no frills there is nothing that irritates me more then going to the gym and having to either listen to a 15 year old use Like every other  word loud enough to wash out my earplug music...also the dating strategy is disgusting..for gods sake hit the bars ladies or go to the grocery store and feel some fruit the same goes for you guys ......When did anyone say It was alright at 40 + to wear that type of gym wear and Hello it is called a sports bra....HELLLOOOO ....hang on i have to get my panties out of a bunch .....Ok back to the original subject sorry I get so side tracked...but any way I am up to 150 I was down to 142 and that is a good fighting weight for me at 5 8' ok ok 5 7' oh my god alright 5 6' let me take you back because in high school i was 5 8 how does a person shrink that much in 55 years....Oh my gosh I need to stop or go get my heart monitor god bless and enjoy this great Day because the weather else where is crappy...

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